Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just Below Lugnuts We Have This...

Im posting for sale a livestock / horse trailer have owned for about 5 years - Dont use it anymore and must sell..
$600.00 O.B.O Thanks for looking


This trailer was listed right below the one I posted yesterday.  I think that for only $300 more, I would go for this trailer.  It does not appear to be missing any parts.    I am always amazed by the pricing I see on some trailers.  If I were to list something, I would always check out what the competition is doing and price it accordingly.


  1. And yet, while it looks better, the ad says even less.

    Oh well.

  2. SB - I am actually drafting up a posting on what the minimum information should be on a horse trailer ad. I have actually found some that had only pictures with no text at all. Others had only a couple of words and no picture.

    Not that anybody would look to me on how they should write up their ad :-)