Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The unique "Bumber" Pull!!

This is a super nice Bumber pull horse trailer that's been re-done. Has been repainted with apoxy paint so it WILL NOT RUST! Very nice inside with new floor and has mats! Also has lights to light up the outside of the trailer when you go to horse shows at night. Has a walk through to small tack area and a small person can escape through tack door. Red and black. This is a quarterhorse trailer but has fit up to a 16 hands horse in it but that horse was very very well behaved! Would be good for 15 hands horses or smaller. Has good tires and lights do work on it! This is not a distress sale. I am FIRM on the $1500


I really hope that it is red and not the color I see on my monitor. Looks like a nice little trailer for a nice little person and a very very nice horse. 

I was not aware that trailers were made for certain breeds - all along I thought you bought them based on the SIZE of your horse - no matter what breed.

Update on Sept 21: I guess they really weren't too FIRM as the price came down!  And a new picture.

2 horse bumper pull trailer - Excellent Condition! - $1000 (FL)

2 horse bumper pull trailer. good condition. min. rust. Been re-painted. Floors areonly 1 yrs old!! new mats from corner to corner. Weighed by the DMV and this trailer is light enough to be pulled by V-6 . Was pulled by a small truck the other day and the guy who borrowed it said he didn't feel it behind him! evrything is in working condition. All it needs now is a new home. THis is a QH size trailer. Has fit a 16 hand horse but it was barely fitting him. Fits my 1300 pound 15 hand horse just fine. Was hauled regular to barrel racing shows. I have a larger trailer now so I no longer need this one. Call today. Don't think this trailer will last too long. As long as it's listed it is still availiable .

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