Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Help Me - I've fallen off and I can't get back on.

Horse Trailer - $1000
I bought this horse trailer used and used it to haul rescue animals a few times. The rear ramp/door hinges rusted through and the door/ramp came off. There is some rust on the roof but otherwise it's in pretty good shape. Floor is wood but seems very sound.

ALL the lights, wiring, wiring Harness, brakes, breakaway switch and tires are NEW!!!



OK - so the ramp/door is just tossed to the side - no effort made to pick it up.  The grass has grown up around the door and into the back of the trailer. I would have a tendency to think that the floor is not too good either when they say it 'seems very sound'.  OK - I will offer you $100 - delivered.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, for pete's sake, at least weed whack around the darn thing! The tires may be new and unused but sitting like this, they will dry rot for sure! Quite a FAIL on this ad and trailer but hay, $100 AND if they delivered, it would make nice storage for hay and such! Course, I would want them to give ME the $100 to take it off their hands...LOL!