Friday, September 25, 2009

Squeeze 'em in

Old rusty 2-horse trailer pretty solid inside needs cosmetic work outside ( we have the paint and stuff to fix it but no time to do it if you want it you can have it with the trailer!). On the shorter side about 6' tall and pretty narrow but did "Squeeze" a 16 hh stock yTB in it not to long ago. Lights are good just redone 2 yrs ago, and the jack is in good working condition. Has tack storage under the mangers, divider, butt chains and escape doors on both sides of the trailer. Great first trailer, for ponys or just hauling "stuff" around ( we used it for hauling shavings most of the time)


Squeeze in a 16H stocky TB into a 6' trailer???  Just looking for trouble...  And how much do you want for this rusty, short, cosmetically challenged trailer with mismatched wheels?

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  1. Just found and joined your blog! What a hoot!! I'll have to come back and read some of your prior posts. I love funny blogs. And you're right.....that trailer probably was a stretch for them to even haul shavings in!!