Thursday, September 10, 2009

Horse Trailers - Alaskan Style

Trailer #1
Gooseneck Horse Trailer - $3000

It can haul 5 - 8 equines depending on size.
Has 20' deck and 2 escape doors up front.
It needs a little cosmetic work but pulls like a dream.
Went to Nabesna and had no trouble.
Must Sell Soon!!

Update:  2 days later, this trailer is now down to $2,000
Trailer # 2

4 horse gooseneck - $1800

4 horse gooseneck horse trailer. Older but in excellent running condition. New floor, mats, electric brakes, wiring and excellent tires.

32ft. long has tack area and dressing room/ storage. 4 escape doors.

Alaska must be really rough on trailers!!!  Wow...........
Trailer #3

2002trails west4 horse slant - $9000
trails west in great shape has goose necktowing and large changing room and mid tack room, has mangers and is the safest well designed trailer i have ever hauled with. ecomony beat me up abit and have to liquidate

I like this trailer.


  1. I dunno. If I were you, I'd go with trailer #2. Way cheaper, and if your horse kicks through the rusted-out side and cuts his leg...

    Well, here's hoping he's wearing teflon shipping boots.

  2. LOL - That second trailer looks like it is about to break into two pieces! But I guess I would save enough money to pay the vet bills...