Friday, September 11, 2009

Off Topic

Older Paint Mare-Free to good home - Idaho

Gypsy is a thirty year old paint mare. Doing great for her age, and would make great beginners horse, thats what she was for me! Mom says I have to make room for the new horse, so she has to go. Hooves just recently trimmed, doesn't need shoes unless you ride on pavement or gravel a lot, great trail/mountain/hunting horse, or just a companion horse, she has done it all. Thanks for looking, would like to see her go this week so I can get my new horse. I don't have a trailer, so I cannot deliver. FREE TO GOOD HOME ONLY!


While looking for a trailer, I came across this ad.  I am totally disgusted with this girl.  This poor horse has only a few years left at most and she is just dumping her!


  1. Disgusted is right. I wonder how many kill buyers will be after this sweat mare. Anytime I hear the word FREE with older horses I cant help but cringe and pray they get the good final home they deserve!

  2. Do you by chance live in idaho? I saw one of your earlier ads on cl, too... Just curious. I'm a happy Idahoan, but there don't seem to be too many others out on the internets.

  3. I am currently living in Virginia. I spent a couple of weeks out in northern Idaho last year - had a great time hiking and seeing the sights.