Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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Sweet Girls to Good Home Only! (12 pm to 9 pm. No e-mails please)

Two Thoroughbred bay mares need a great home for pleasure riding. I will consider all offers & proposals. References and info showing a good, loving home are required. This is very important to us. Blankets and other items go with the girls for their continued care. (The $100 each helps with this)

They are about 16.2 hands and in good health & beautiful . They have lived here since fall 2001. Shots given in June 09 ( flu-rhino, rabies, tetanus-encephalitis, West Nile).. They are wormed ea 2 months – rotating the wormers.
Purchased them from a dealer for trail riding and 4-H. Supposedly, they had been at a children’s camp that summer in the Adirondacks. My daughter tried them out (trotted/cantered/galloped etc.) and was thrilled. We are first time horse owners with little experience prior to ownership. School, college, jobs, boyfriends, no time, etc., were reasons our plans fell apart. Now family circumstances make it unlikely that they will ever be worked with. It is unfair to them and to us. We are at the stage in life where it is getting much more difficult for us to take care of them - physically and financially.

The girls have not been ridden much (Maybe 40 times). We sent them away for 6-7 weeks of re-training in the fall of 2004 ($1300). They were worked with 3 times a week. They did well. Dahlia (Easy Embrace –DOB 4/19/88 ) has a real nice gate. Star (Evening Star DOB 1/10/91) seems to have had some dressage training. They seemed to love the attention after a routine developed. Both girls ran a couple races when young and that is it. Dahlia has papers. We can’t read Star’s lip tattoo to get her papers. There were 3 Evening Stars born at the same time. Our girls are sweet pets at this point. THEY HAVE NOT BEEN RIDDEN IN A FEW YEARS. They need a CALM, CONFIDENT, EXPERIENCED RIDER to refreash their last training. They know if you are experienced or not and respond accordingly. They respond well to Firmness -- yet soft kindness calms them and often works much better (looking them in the eye and talking softly). They are smart and love to be talked to, hugged, rubbed and kissed. They have never done anything mean to hurt anyone (biting, kicking, etc). They seem to trailer ok. Only vice is cribbing. They do not eat the wood. Just push down on it and groan. They have been pretty good with the Ferrier, vet and dentist. They have not been shoed since they came here. They are in a RUN-IN situation now – 3 acres (total freedom from barn to pasture). They are very seldom locked in a stall and would have to get used to that.. During their training they were locked in most of the 6 weeks. In the winter they are locked in the whole barn at nite when temps are below 20s and wind chills (with blankets on too). They run to dinner when I Whinny. Star whinnies back. They need pelleted grain & hay. Normal meal for each is 3 lbs grain and ¼ bale at each meal. However they eat very little hay in the summer if they are left out to pasture. When the pasture is gone in late fall & winter and water turns to ice, in addition to hay and grain, you need to also feed them soaked beat pulp with each meal ( for 4-5 months?). It DOUBLES in size and helps replace the wet grass. This gets the WATER into their system and stops you from having VET bills from constipation (colic). If I am paying $3 a bale for hay I ESTIMATE that I am paying $150 per month in the "no Pasture months" for both. When there is pasture they eat little hay and I pay much less.

They need a loving home where heart- strings will be attached to make sure they are well taken care of and will never go to a bad place. They need to be fed twice a day, pastured (WITH GRASS) at least 8 hours a day in good weather (prefer run-in situation) and have constant good shelter available 24 hrs a day from sun and weather. If you have the love in your heart – please call me – 12 pm to 9 pm.



This is so sad.  These older mares (18 and 21) deserve a good loving home - I wish the person who has them would have had enough love in their heart to keep them until they passed on - after all, they had them for their BEST years.  If anyone in PA is interested, they are on CL in Slippery Rock.

I would never be able to let go of an animal I had for 8 years that 'whinnies back' etc.  It would be like throwing away a member of the family.  I guess this ad really caught my eye because the routine they describe (except for the riding part - I do endurance riding, so my horse is ridden frequently) is so close to mine.  But my boy has a forever home and so does my rescue mare (who is never ridden.)

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