Saturday, September 5, 2009

Wish me luck

No pictures today - I am off to look at a unique horse trailer!  I will take pictures and post them.  I am hoping this one will be the answer to one of my horse transport needs.

I am looking for 2 trailers.  One for camping that will accommodate up to 4 horses (in a pinch) and be comfortable for overnight stays (up to 3 nights) and one inexpensive, lightweight trailer for quick trips around town - either to the vet or to my trainer or a local hunter pace.

Please take a couple of seconds to take my poll - I am wondering if anyone is out there!!  LOL

Welcome SprinklerBandit and Reviews.  I am hoping that there are more of you.  :-)

I welcome any suggestions to improve the blog.  I am enjoying my search for a trailer and hope that others can learn from what I am doing.  If I am successful today, this blog may include some posts on my progress in building a weekender package into the 'trailer.'

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