Saturday, October 17, 2009


Free Old Metal / Wood Divider for Horse Trailer.

It is leaning against the red shed in our backyard and can be picked up at any time. I will delete this ad when it is gone. Please see the Older TV (it works), Hardibacker for tiling, and old tin (stained) in another ad.
Please call Heidi with any questions or email the link on Craigs List. Our address is xxx   Go 1/4 mile and our house is on the right hand side. Our house numbers are clearly labeled on a sign at the bottom of the driveway. Thank you!  (WV)
How big is it ? How does it attach to the trailer? Do you know what it came out of?  I guess if it is for free, you can't expect too much information.  I call this a Saturday Saver 'cause if you need one of these, you can save some money and get this mighty fine specimen for FREE!!  Just give 'ol Heidi a call.

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