Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm getting scammed!!!

Good day,
We require to know if you can supply us with some horse trailers.Kindly get back to us with your inventory as well as pricing and advise if you accept credit card payment.Wish you all the best in business and 'ill be looking forward to your response.
Curt Thompson


I received this spam email today at my blog email address.  How bizarre - they read my blog enough to know that it is about horse trailers, but have no clue what it is really all about.  Or maybe they just saw the pictures???  I don't think 'Curt' is from the United States.


  1. Nigerians need horse trailers, too.

  2. Hi Bif - I love your new 'pink' halter!!

  3. It is Pink! I don't care what Mother says...

  4. I think maybe you should send Curt pictures from the 'camper or horse trailer post' and the 'but the tires....' post, ask 6 figures for each and tell him, you will deliver upon cash arrival. No checks, no transfers, just cash! LOL!

  5. I think you are on to something FH2!! I'll even offer the 'rare' antique one (Aug 18 post) to him as a special for only $10,000,000!

    I could retire!!!

    Bif - always listen to your Mother - she knows best! LOL