Saturday, October 24, 2009

Save Your Shortbed Truck

An extension for your GN - allows your GN to be 9" (or more) further back in your truck bed while maintaining the proper weight distribution.  Increases the distance from your GN to your truck rear window and increases the distance between the truck and trailer box.

We could really use one of these - the truck we use to pull our 3H wide nose GN is a shortbed.  The GN is so close to the back window we could swear that it was going to hit us when we go around tight corners!!  And going over steep hills or RR tracks or a sharp dip in the road or entrances, it seems like the neck wing gussets are going to take out the tailgate.  It would also allow us to put more stuff in the bed of the truck and make moving between the truck and trailer much easier.

From their website:
Everyone who tows a gooseneck trailer needs more clearance between the truck and trailer. You either need more trailer swing for maneuvering, or you need more room at the tailgate for hooking up. Well, PopUp has a simple solution to this predicament.
 The new PopUp Short Bed Extended Coupler provides nine inches more clearance between the truck cab and the trailer nose, and between the truck tailgate and the trailer bulkhead - giving you more trailer swing and more room for hook-up.

To make the towing experience better yet, this extended coupler latches and unlatches remotely. 3 3/4 inches from ball to top gusset against the trailer neck tube. That's how much clearance you'll have with the SB1 all the way up the trailer tube.

The new PopUp Short Bed Extended Coupler fits standard round trailer tubes, square tubes and installs in about thirty minutes.

Lots of good pictures on the website:

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