Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Jungle Fever

older homade horse trailer - $300
I'm selling a homade single axle horse trailer it is in rough shape but is usable, has drop down ramp.side door and little compartment door. No title but have current registration paper, is currently registered asking $300.00 (CT)

Did they plant some horse trailer seeds and this thing sprang up???  Is it a one horse or two?   Is it too much to expect someone to get out the weedwhacker and clear an area around it?  How about dragging it out of where it is and pump up the tires so it does not look like it is going to fall over?  I know I sure wouldn't want to be crawling around an area that could be snake/varmint infested.


  1. What scares me is the fact they are listing trailer this as usable!! It looks like it hasn't been moved in years... Yikes! I wouldn't haul a goat in this, let alone a horse! I can envision some dumb, gullible schmuck pulling this thing home and having the wheels completely falling off or breaking loose from the vehicle. lol O dear...

  2. I certainly wouldn't put an animal in this, though I might put someone who thought it was safe to put an animal in it...

  3. Is it a trailer or an old fuel oil tank?

  4. I'm glad they found the words to describe this trailer because I was rendered speechless with the pictures!
    Usable for storing trailer seed sacks maybe?
    And just who built this HO-made trailer?
    Currently registered on the endangered trailers roster??