Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Luxury Liner is Sinking!!

I was out of town last weekend and happened to drive by the Sundowner Luxury Liner (LL) (see Sept 22 posting).  Of course, I had to stop and look at it.  :-)

As I walked through the lot, I was able to go inside all of the trailers (even the LQ ones) as none of them were locked.  I saved the 'best' for last.  From the outside, it appears to be a well-made trailer.  Unfortunately, the LL was locked.  Even the horse area.  I had hoped to get a glimpse of what ammenities they had put there for the horses as their website did not even have one picture of the horse stalls.  Heated water for the cold months?  Automatic snack feeder?  Instant manure/urine removal system?  Big screen TV?  I will never know.

However, one thing really stood out. 

The Luxury Liner is sinking. 

I couldn't even see the bottom of the landing gear so I really don't know how far it has sunk.  I guess this economy is even hitting the high end horse trailer business.  I wonder if they would take $20K???  Cash??? LOL


  1. That sure is purty. I hope they give you sunglasses when you make a purchase. I'd hate to follow that down the road on a sunny day.

  2. Pookie, the Firestones have tractor sized rigs that are all polished CHROME! It is blinding and even larger than this one.