Thursday, March 4, 2010


14' Stock Trailer Trade Truck 2Horse - $900 (TN)
14 x 5 Good trailer pulls good not rusted. Needs tires and wiring work(by plug frayed a little). Tail lights and left signal work is all. Factory topless could have top put on it in short time. Pulls good just no longer need this one. Be great for ponies or calves. Have hauled 4 regular sized horses in it. Has full swing gate and slide. No title, No divider, No brakes and floor is decent not spongy but not new. Very light pulling trailer. May trade for decent running truck may add cash for right trade or 2 horse trailer and a little boot. 900 firm next few days ONLY.  Lori xxx-xxx-xxxx


I am just not fond of a trailer that does not have a top - it seems like just another opportunity for your horse to get injured by debris getting in their eyes.  I guess it would be OK for a pony or a miniature - except when it rains.


Pictures were missing!! :-(
3 space / straight load horse trailer for sale. This is an older model, but a good one. Pulls like a dream! We no longer have horses, so we no longer have any use for it. Can't see it setting there not being used for something. It hasn't been used in about 8 years. 3 of the 4 tires on it are VERY good and the spare is in great shape too.
Has rubber mats on the floor and has some rust, but nothing big. The tailgate drops down for a loading ramp, so you can drive mowers, 4 wheelers, etc. into it with ease. Horses seem to like it too.
Asking $900 cash OR will consider trading for a 8'x12' 4 wheeler/snowmachine trailer in good shape.
If you are interested, reply to this email with a name and phone# and I'll call you back. Thank you.


Sorry but NONE of the tires are any good after 8+ years of sitting there.

Thanks to Helen for both of these.


  1. On the first one- not only the animals getting stuff in their eyes, but how about jumping out and kitting injured or killed. not a risk I would be willing to take either way. Another 'dump runner wreck' if you ask me.

    The second one- 8 year old tires? Really? And you kept track of this?

  2. I used to have a single topless float. The wind goes over the top (the front panel must be taller than the horse) and it was a handy little float for day trips (but not on rainy days!!)