Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Minnesota messes

2 horse, straight load, bumper pull trailer - $675 (MN)
I got this trailer 4 years ago. Back then i had 2 average sized horses (15H pintoloosa, and a 14.3H quarab) They fit in it with room to spare. My 16H paint/tb could fit in it this summer but she finished 16.2H and is to tall now. I would not be selling this trailer if she fit in it. The design is very well thought out, I absolutly love it. The floor is solid and is very sturdy. The only things it would need if you were going to use it for long distances is a couple new boards on the wall near the bottom (pictured), a new window in the left side, some patched in the padding inside the trailer (has duct tape over the holes to keep them from getting bigger right now), and sandblasting/repainting. The front tack/hay compartment has a small hole in the very front where the rust has gotten to it. I had been using it every couple weekends a month this summer to go 10-15 miles from here. I may trade for a 2 horse stock or slant that is taller. BTW it is very dirty right now.


Yup - that's what I want for my horses - duct tape holding it together!!!

From Jordan: "I especially liked the list of things that it needs were it to be used for long distances."


2 horse WW bp trailer - $1100 (MN)

Hi- getting rid of the hroses and now selling the trailer (dont ride as much as I should) It is a '75 2 horse straight load trailer we remodeled the floors and put new padding in- has new mats in the trailer it has an escape door. Width is 5 feet wide, aprox. 8 feet long and 8 or 9 feet high. my 16.3 aqha fit in it perfectly. it is an enclosed trailer no tack room or dressing room there is a little storage space up front between the front of the trailer and horses (can fit bales of hay or a saddle rack you can nail saddle racks into the trailer if you wanted to) I usually used that as my "tack space" Asking 1100 will entertain REASONABLE offers.

Something is high - and it's not the trailer!!  LOL
Both of these wonderful specimans were sent in by Jordan - thanks!!

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  1. Trailer #1: "The design is very well thought out"~ uh, duh, it's just a simple manger trailer with under manger storage... what am I missing? And, coincidentally, NO escape doors, just the manger/storage door to tie off your horse. Hope he's not the type you have to walk in with...

    Trailer #2: It's 35 years old, totally enclosed, and 5 feet wide!! this is not a $1,100 2 horse trailer. It is a <$200 scrap hauler, or maybe if you refitted some windows, a spacious 1 horse trailer... but it's still 35 years old!