Monday, March 15, 2010

Busy Guest Blogger :-)

1989 2 horse bumper pull trailer - $800 (DC)
I have a bumper pull horse trailer for sale. She is not pretty but is very sound.Used for 16 hand quarter horse. Good tires, great floor, and mats, built in storage ben to put tack, good breaks. She just needs a paint job. We just used it for local shows and around the farm . Let me know if you would like to see it. It is parked in Opeal Va.

I hope the back door is secure, otherwise I'd be worried about the horse sliding out the back


2 Horse trailer - $750 (WA)
Bar A horse 2 horse trailer. Sturdy, has mats, good floor, needs paint. Its not pretty, but all the trim is there, and its not rusted out. Needs a new plug for the wiring, no big deal. Tall gates in the back, ready to go. Heres a pic... ignore the snow, its gone. The only ding in the trailer is the small one you're seeing here, Just needs some paint, that doesn't make it work any better.

What small ding are they talking about?? The entire trailer? I like the "ignore the snow, it's gone" part- I think the snow might be helping the appearance ;)

Two horse Straight load Horse trailer - $600 (WA)
1972 Lowboy two horse needs new floor, has new tires, was rewired with breakaway a few yeas ago. No rust on the outside, but inside needs alot of work. Easy hauler. extra tall and wide. Thanks Crystal xxx-xxx-xxxx

No rust, really? Then what is that rusty colored stuff on the tongue?


Old Horse Trailer - $475 (OH)
I have a really old horse trailer for sale...right now it has two flat tires. e-mail for more information
They really know how to talk up a sale!


Bumper Pull Small Horse/Pony Trailer - $1000 (NY)
Older 1978 small horse trailer. Great for small arabs, minis, goats etc.
This is a 1978 Rustler two door horse trailer.
Good floor, mats, Body in good condition.
Gross weight 2500. Clear title and registration. No divider.
I never would have guessed that this trailer came from the 70's- the paint job is sooo 2000's :p (looks pretty good for a 70's though)

horse trailer saddle divider - $100 (KY)
We have for sale the divider that seperates the saddles from the horses in a slant load horse trailer.
We also have the windows for sale and the black bumpers that protect the horses as they load and unload.
This is all we have left from this trailer so don't email asking if I have.......


Perfect! These are exaclty what I was looking for! It makes me think of McGyver- "all I need is a trailer window, a rubber bumper, and a dividing wall."


(((((((((((((((((((((((HORSE TRAILER)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) - $500 (CA)


This guy really wanted to draw your attention to his silo on wheels


Horse Trailer - $850 (CA)
Horse trailer. Has room for two horses as well as a front trailer entrance to mount two seats. Aproximately 14ft. long x 6 1/2 ft. wide. Being sold as part of a foreclosures auction. Please email if interested.

There's no picture to this one, but I'm very interested to know what they mean when they say "you can mount two seats".

Today's guest blogger has been Jordan - thanks!

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  1. I would ask what the chunks are that I see laying around, but I think my brain just exploded too.

    That red, one horse has quite an interesting look about it. From top to bottom it is a real work of art there. WOW.