Sunday, March 7, 2010

I Don't Want to Pull a Trailer!

Horse trailer Camper style - $100 (WA)
This sits in a standard 8 ft pick up bed, like a camper. It has a draw bridge type ramp for horse to walk up and storage on both sides. Maybe a collectors item, I beleive it is an antique probably from the 50's. Overall length is about 11 ft and is 74" tall (46" from the floor to the 3' overhang)

At a height of 74", I wonder how many people tried to squish a small horse into it?

Helen found this interesting camper style pony hauler for sale.  I got to wondering if they were made anymore - this is what I found:

What a neat way to haul your minis!  Aren't they cute?
The carriers only weigh between 200 (2 mini) and 600 lbs. (5 mini)

From their website:
There are many advantages to owning a Miniature Horse Hauler by Bob. No trailer towing and no wondering what your horses are doing in the trailer, you can see them through the pass thru window on the hauler that lines up with your truck cab window. You can open the pass thru windows and heat or cool your minis. Your horses receive the same ride you do. You can enjoy the safety of traveling at the speed limits or in heavy traffic without worrying about your horses in that darn trailer. You don’t have to worry about flat tires, brakes needing replaced, working tail lights, trailer sway, or added stress on your tow vehicle. Miniature Horse Haulers by Bob are lightweight, aerodynamically designed to reduce vehicle and person fatigue while saving you gas money and maintenance cost with a trailer.

$3,695 to $7,495 for the 2 to 5 horse models.


  1. Forget the haulers, How much for the mini's in the trailer? How freakin cute are they?!

    I had boughten some minis years ago and they were delivered in the tiniest little horse trailer. It was SO adorable (miniature things make me happy inside).

    The owners of the miniature horse ranch told me of a way to convert my back seat of my car into a miniature horse hauler... well you have to take the back seat out, pad well, use straw, etc... never did that while I owned the minis... It's bad enough come the end of show season I need to let the big guys eat the hay out of my trunk LOL don't need to be turning my car into a working trailer on top of that haha

  2. banagade---is that even legal (hauling minis in the backseat of your car)??