Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Story Behind the Picture

Back in November I posted this picture and several of you asked if I knew what happened.  I found out last week when I attended a clinic called "How to get your horse rescue ready" (If you ever get a chance to attend this clinic, I highly recommend it)

Two women were taking their horses to an early spring show. They hadn't gotten far down the road when they heard/felt one of the horses going crazy in the trailer.  They pulled over to investigate.  The trailer had doors that were split so that you could open either the top or the bottom or both.  They opened just the top half to see what was going on and as soon as they opened the top, the horse tried to jump out!  Since the horse got stuck on the bottom half of the door, they could not open it.

The police were called as well as the local rescue squad.  They had to cut open the trailer to get the horse out.  He was scraped up, but was fine.

So - what made the horse want to jump out the window????  Well, it was the first time they used the trailer that spring and they hadn't bothered to check it out before they put the horses in.  It turned out that there was a bee/hornet nest in the trailer and they were attacking the poor horse!

The moral of the story - ALWAYS check your trailer before you put your horses in!


  1. Holy Crap! That would suck for everyone. The women, the horses and the rescuers. Always good to check for everything and anything you can imagine. Not only have the horses rescue ready, but the trailer safe before travel so hopefully no 'rescue' is neccessary to begin with.

  2. I love Equispirit trailers... A horse on the bar? You can still undo it! (Been there, done that... sadly, more than once on the same trip with the same horse!) And no split door crap like what caused this picture.
    Like I mentioned once before, my horse decided sideways in the haybag/walkthrough area was the way to ride. Both chest bars were still up, head divider lifted off and "gently" (?) placed behind him against the driver side escape door, and him with hay bags at his feet and head craned into passenger side horse stall. Two cuts on his head, requiring just a few stitches each. Not lame, not sore, loaded up the next day no problem! I really wish I had video in the back!

  3. Wow. I hope I never have a trailer accident. It's so traumatic for everyone involved, especially the horses.