Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Great Expectations

1955 2 horse Trailer / Trade? - $500 (WA)
As you can see in the pictures, this is one unque old trailer. Not great shape but if you want something to restore or tow behind that old restored Pickup, to take to the Fair.

Or better still that old Caddy. Heck it sure would make some great yard art too! The Title(YES it has a title) states it is a 1955 and the weight is 1520 pounds and the lights work. License is even current.
This is it. In fact a new floor and you could use it for a horse too. Has manger, and tack storage, a center divider and Butt Chain? Tires hold air, No major rust issues.

Has been used for dump runs the last few years.

Askng $500 OBO or trade for Corral Panels

Call Mike @ xxx-xxx-xxxx or do the email reply option
I have seen several trailers advertised as yard art - I can only imagine what kind of a yard that would be!!!
Like Helen said - Nice try!!!
stock trailer for sale 750.00 Firm (OK)
stock trailer for sale or trade for a nice two horse trailer. 750.00 dollars firm, trailer needs paint, tires, also we do have the hub and tire.
High expectations indeed.
From Helen:  Wants to trade for a "nice" trailer because this one is CRAP!
Both of these trailers were found by Helen.


  1. Dump runs and yard art! Time has run out in both cases. Put the pipe down and step away from the gene pool.

  2. Are they talking about the kind of yard art that is surrounded by a few cars on cinder clocks? Maybe they should list it in West Virginia! Or the next time they haul a load of junk to the dump just unhook the trailer and leave it there. lol Yard art… I’m going to have the giggles for the rest of the evening!

  3. anyone else think that first trailer looks like a chariot?? Hitch a few horses in front, stick one or two in back, would make a funny picture...;)

  4. I actually like the first trailer... not to haul animals in, but I think it's cute, especially if it was restored. Imagine the history and stories it could tell.

    OK, I definitely need to get out more. But I COULD see it refurbed behind a restored pickup. I could see it at a trailer history exhibit if it was restored.

    It's kind of scary to think the horses might just throw themselves out the open top onto the highway...

    Margarita, maybe you should change the blog name to "unque" horse trailers!!