Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bring your dogs - but this one might not stop!

2 Horse bumper pull / W tackroom - $650
Hickory king deluxe 2 horse bumper pull trailer with full tack room and dog kennels on both sides . If you do not have a 250 / 2500 series or bigger truck you cannot pull this trailer . Tongue weight is 1500 lbs and empty weight is 3000lbs . Heavy steel construction , needs body repair , doors work ,latch on side door needs repaired . Not sure about the wiring as my plug does not fit the plug on the trailer . Wiring is 2 years old and floor is 18 months old . up until about a month ago we hauled horses in this trailer . Many people with f150's have come and tried to haul this trailer you can pull it , but an f150 cannot stop this trailer . it is set up for trailer brakes but they are not wired to my knowledge .We will also trade for smaller light weight 2 horse bumper pull w/ no tack room even up. call for more info  leave message we will call you back


Dog week - Part 4
Holy cow!!  He has been hauling horses  and has no brakes on the trailer - he is depending on his truck to be able to stop it!  I think his 1500# tongue weight is suspicious too.


  1. Yikes. I hope this guy doesn't live anywhere near me, but he sounds all too familiar. (In type; I have no idea where he's actually from.)

  2. Scary that there are people on the road like this. The ad only points out one of them.

    Wow! and Shit!

  3. And with all those dog kennels, he can endanger even more animal lives at a time!