Tuesday, March 23, 2010

For the dogs

Gore Horse Trailer - older - $850
I am reposting this trailer. I've managed to lose all emails regarding it. I've lowered the price a bit. The price is not going to go any lower - I'm actually asking less than what I paid. Anyway...It's an older 2 horse, bumper pull trailer. 6'6" tall. About 5'6" wide. The floors are in good shape. The divider, though rusty, appears to be removable. There are 8 compartments at the front of the trailer that are about 2' wide and 2'6" deep. There are vents in the compartments so it looks like they were used for dogs. There is also a larger compartment at the very front with hooks and saddle stands. It's 6'6" tall. I bought the trailer and have done nothing to it. I had planned on fixing it up but I realized that it's not tall enough for my horse. There is rust on it and a few little spots on the roof that have rusted through. But they're not very big at all - like smaller than a dime. It has a flat tire that actually became flat when I was bringing it home and it pulled fine. I do have a spare for it. Regarding the lights and brakes. I didn't hook up the lights when I brought it home nor did I attempt to hook up the brakes. So I honestly don't know if they work. I have the title for it. I also have lots more pictures of it.


Dog week - Day 2


  1. WHY? If anyone cared about their dogs, why would they throw them down under the horses feet? Horses can, have and do kick through trailer walls and or panels. Just not a good place for the dogs.

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