Sunday, March 7, 2010

Horse Needs a Good Home

I received this email from Katie:

There is a horse up by my trainer's place, at the barn our feed provider runs, who has seemingly been abandoned. His owners have not been paying his board. He describes the horse has a 14 yr. old Thoroughbred gelding, about 16 hh. He is trained in barrels, but is very quiet and doesn't care for the running. So he's basically a pleasure horse. However, he is hard to keep weight on, and the guy just can't afford to keep feeding so much to a horse that isn't his. I don't know if the horse has been shown. So basically, he's looking for someone who wants a friendly pleasure horse who can provide him with some groceries to keep his weight up.

We are in southwestern PA, north of Pittsburgh
This is not Katie's horse.  If you contact her she will put you in touch with the man who has him.
Here is Katie's email if you are interested or know someone who is:

(love the email address - LOL)

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