Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Want a 23 yr old cripple stud?

Need to sell ASAP - $1250 (GA)
Need to sell my stud that I've had since he was 6 mos. old. Info about him: Birthdate: 09-01-87; Sire: Redigo Priest; Grandsire: Little Dick Priest; Dam: Miss Poco Ted; Dam's side goes back to Poco Bueno; Sorrel in color. Registered name: Pocos Redigo Priest. Asking $1250.

Justin has been a pasture ornament ALL his life. I now have a foal on the ground by him and will need his stall/pen when it comes weaning time (September). He has given me 2 colts throughout the years. Justin is NOT rideable due to a shoulder injury, but it has in no way affected his ability to breed. He would make an excellent addition to someone's breeding program and will only go to a good home that is approved by me. Price may be negotiable to the right person. Would also consider trading for good, useable 2-horse bumper pull trailer. No horse traders please!
The 1st pix is his 1st baby (he's 18 now), the 2nd pix is the new baby (7 weeks), and the 3rd pix is Justin.

Thanks for looking!

I really hate these type of ads.  This person is trying to dump a cripple 23 yr old stud now that she is done with him and needs his stall.   For $1250!!!  And why will he make an excellent addition to someone's breeding program?  What has he produced so far that is worth repeating?  How many people do they think are looking for a cripple 23 yr old stud at that price?  Far and few between.   The picture of him 'behind bars' does him no justice either.  If they were decent human beings they would keep him until he crosses the rainbow bridge......................


  1. What is wrong with people! Needs his stall for the new foal? Didn't she have 11 months to kind of think about that. Or here's one, The economy sucks, the horse market has hit rock bottom, the studs 1st foal isn't anything to write home about and oh yeah, I dont have room for a new foal so maybe I shouldn't breed him! This is why people need to pass a test to be able to breed their animals.

  2. Pretty sad she would just dump this poor horse at an age that he will need her most. She had him since he was 6 mo old and now she wants to send him packing because she has a new baby. Not to mention she is just promoting him to others like herself that are back yard breeders.