Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Smallest GN so far

For sale horse trailer good conditions 4 new tires $600 obo

Inspite of the fact that there are so many things wrong with it, it's kinda cute.  LOL
Thanks to Cherie


  1. How long before a horse gets a shoe caught in the diamond mesh? Or a leg in the bars called a back gate?

    Any guesses? Are we placing bets?

    I say one trip. Tops.

  2. Or stuck in the support from the fender to the side. The horse could also get their head stuck in the side openings which are probably rusty. Plus, with the wide open front, the horse is guaranteed to get debris in his eyes while traveling. The tires also look too small for the trailer - almost as if they came off a small car or very small flat trailer (another indication of being the wrong size is that they are too far apart as well). There is no padding at all on the walls and no rubber mats on the floor. The jack looks like it would only be able to support a small load of mulch and would collapse if 2 horses were in it. I don't see any lights on it but they could be disguised in the rust/red area on the fender. No reflective tape either. I don't see any safety chains hanging by the GN. I doubt it has brakes. You're right CNJ - it sure is an accident waiting to happen!!