Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My owner says I'm ugly

Two Horse Trailer cheap - $1000 (TX)
Ugly two horse horse trailer. Tires have less than 300 miles on them. Floors are good and solid. Mats on both sides. This trailer is in bad need of a paint job, some surface rust but mainly just bad paint. Will throw in two gallons of black Valspar paint that I purchased but have never got around to. This trailer carried my saddlebred and walker with no problems. Asking $1000. This is a great starter trailer! Please reply to above email. I have posted a phone number here before and recieved calls all hours of the night. In the email please give times to call so we do not call you back to late or to early.


Why do people always want to paint horse trailers black?????


  1. $1000?.......They are also out of their minds!

  2. Not a bad looking trailer, but also not worth the asking price. Paint it black and you can effectively cook your horse while you go down the road... Yeah, I never got that idea as being a good one, either.

  3. Like Cut-N-Jump says, you can cook your horse... say if you get lost and are driving too long, or take the wrong turn and get stuck... plenty to eat until rescuers arrive!