Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This gives a whole new meaning to LQ

1985 Hillsboro 4 horse camping trailer $2,500 (TN)
Stock trailer conversion. 10 foot living quarters, tack room, 3 to 4 horses. Lots of shelf and storage space, mini refrigerator, 3 lights in living quarters, 2 lights in horse compartment. It will need some work as it has not been used in a few months. I will take $500 off if you do not want the solar panel and accessories; the fridge and lights will still work without solar.


Oh wow!  But they do have a fire extinguisher.


  1. It's a BUBBA!!!! And ONLY $500 if you don't want the solar panel and accessories :).

  2. How about they keep EVERYTHING and we all keep our $2500? That thing is dis--gusting!

  3. Yes they do have a fire extinguisher, you can see it in the 3rd and 4th picture. If this thing caught fire, I think that I would let it burn.

  4. Is that a white english saddle??

  5. I think it is a moldy english saddle. Ewwww!!!