Thursday, July 29, 2010

Black and Tan

Circle J Trailer (BC)
This trailer is safe and structurally sound. It has a removable divider and saddle stand. It has new floor, brakes, wheel bearings and all the lights work. Tires are in good shape. Was $3000. now $2800. OBO


Interesting use of color.  Is that snow behind the spare tire?


  1. I will be curious to know if the get the $2800 for it. I plan to sell mine (76 2horse Circle J) when I replace it with a slant load. I had no intention of asking that much since I can buy a 2 horse slant in good condition for that price. I was thinking more like $1500 for an Older Circle J, or less depending on condition.

  2. Wondering what year of trailer? I'm guessing sometime in the 70's based on those colors?

    They are dreaming if they think they will get $2800 for that!........No way!