Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Too much information

1989 Logan $2,000 (MI)
due to a car accident i must sell this trailer VERY soon. please make me a resonable offer... or may do a partial trade for a good western saddle, a 3 horse slant load, or anything else you may think of.... dont be shy make me an offer. this is a great reliable trailer. I have a 1980's lanes trailer co. for sale. asking $2500 I am using this trailer 3-4X per week and so you know it is safe. 5' w x 6' 4" h x 20' l (my 15.3h morab and my 16h warmblood fit just fine. 4 horse streight load removable deviders and doors (my morab is a climber so i have him in a box stall in the front works great) curtens in fron stall areas used as a tack/dressing room at those quick paced shows. 2 escape doors step up manger in front brand new tires this summer full length mats plastic kick guards on sides and front of horse area small tack area under front manger with bridal hooks and a blanket rod all new lighting this year with a big backup or unloading light. (wiering run along the side. I got tired of the weeds, snow, and dirt roads tearing them off) intereior horse area lights new paint and primer (outside. intereior is primered but needs a color) good solid floors new jack W. wheel and plate feet included I pull it fully loaded with my f-150 v8 and it dosent have to work at all. trailer pulls and stops like there is nothing there.nice and streight. my boyfriend even pulled it with his 1988 dodge dakota v6 with 2 horses in it and it had no problem at all. the fenders are painted but have pitting holes due to age. they are safe i can stand and jump up and down on them and they dont even bend at all. rear doors at bottem have some rust but a couple simple welds could fix that. but they are safe. no horses has ever steped out of my traier hurt in any way. most horses really enjoy the ride. please feel free to contact me for any more information. weight: 4,030lb. (says the scales at our grain mill) (wave in photo of boards is my crappy old camara... not the boards) will take $2000 cash or may trade e-mail for more pics.


I don't even know where to begin on this one!!

"most horses really enjoy the ride"   And how do they know that????

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  1. Just thought i would add my thoughts... as this was MY trailer..... i added so much infor for 2 reasons.. at the time i was 19, i got over 400 e-mails for this trailer asking me most of those questions and got really tired of repeating myself, and at the time i was hauling horses with it for 4 diffrent barns, inclusing a couple horses that where climbers... ans they road great in it. So that being said... i would love to hear where you would "like to start with this one..."