Monday, June 14, 2010

Winch 'em in

Gooseneck Horse Trailer 1999 $9,999(KY)
1999 "Valley" Two Horse Gooseneck Trailer!!

This trailer is unique in that it has a side ramp and rear ramp for easy loading/unloading! It has also has an emergency door on the driver's side. It has lots of storage space in the attic area and has been professionally painted white in 2009. Flooring is new with rubber stall mats and all wiring is new for both lights and RV Plug. This trailer is thoroughbred height at 7"6. It is equipped with a brand new 8500lb Ramsey Winch and 250 gallon water tank.. The winch operates off of a brand new Optima battery. Winch/battery/water tank can be sold separately. This trailer looks brand new and has no rust. Bearings were greased in 2009.


This is the entire ad - no explaination as to why there is a winch in it.  I am hoping that it is NOT to force a bad loader on the trailer.  Maybe it is used for a horse ambulance??  Do they strap a sick/euthanized horse on the mat and drag it in?? 
Note the padding on the ceiling.
Any ideas?


  1. Having worked as a carriage driver for 24 years, and owned my carriage company, my odds are on that being a system for pulling a buggy into the trailer. I had something similar in my Exiss for my Vis-a-Vis, which weighed 1300 pounds, but I only needed a 2500lb winch, which was about the size of a Quaker Oats can. This guy wants to pull something HUGE in there, because that is waaaaay too much winch for that small trailer! If you are pulling a carriage and something gets hung up, you want the winch cable to break, not tear the buggy in half! The funny this is the trailer sits really low, and it already has a ramp, so anything smaller than a car could be hand pushed in.

    I do like the fact he's built in tie down straps. Maybe he puts whatever he's hauling in the front and horses behind, but the trailer is so clean it almost looks like it's never had a horse in it...

  2. I'm agreeing with the horse-ambulance idea. I've seen several at horse expos and one in-use at a rescue of some loose horses in a difficult situation. The winch, tie-down straps (on what looks like a sliding mat), ceiling mats and side door unload tips it off as one. The immaculantly (sp?) clean trailer would account for the fact that 1) it WAS a horse ambulance (which need to be kept sanitized as much as possible) and 2) they're trying to sell it. New paintjob? Of course, the lettering for the rescue squad/company needed to be painted over before selling it. I bet they upgraded to a larger ambulance.

  3. Looks like an ambulance to me too. Maybe used at the track a lot? The floorboard/mat has handles on the side like the backboards they use for humans.... or at least notches for strapping down something big. Even under sedation, an injured animal can find amazing strength to do some crazy things. Injured and in serious pain can lead to panic.

    I would guess that yes, this is an ambulance. I'm just wondering what they pulled into it with such a big winch, after reading Beverly's comment.

  4. I have a friend whose business is large animal carcas disposal. She has a winch in the nose of her gooseneck for getting the carcases in for transport.