Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This is the last time we will run an ad for this

2 Horse Trailer - $365 (WV)
2 horse trailer with saddle/tack storage in one area and storage/ bunk in other area?
No Title, Tires hold air, Some rust, Good wooden floor, don’t know if the lights work, Towable.
This is the last time we will run an ad for this, Save me from the crusher.
Please don’t ask me to give or donate this trailer to you, or waste my time and I promise not to waste yours.
Outside Inside
8’ Wide 69”
18’ Long 12’
9’ High 7’


Another rude CL ad.  How do these people expect to sell anything?


  1. Well at least Grouchy priced it reasonably! Down here in south Florida the ad would be the same but the price would be $1500...

  2. I've seen that in horse ads too. They put it as no "hoof kickers". Sometimes the ad sounds good, but there are things that are just not going to work for you when you see the horse in person. They expect you to buy it anyways.

    So, no shopping at any department stores and trying on clothes you don't intend to buy. You must buy any and all clothes that you try on even if they don't fit you!

  3. I can relate and totally understand. I have a bridle for sale online. Its brand new, been on a horse once, kept inside, recently oiled- ready to go and priced at $55. I know I paid more than that for it.

    I get a hit on it, asking for the brand, age and pic's. Don't know the brand, age is a year or two (but well cared for so no big deal) and include a pic.

    The reply I got was laughable at best. "I want it for a short term training project. Would you take $25 for it?" She signs her name with her 'farm name' and includes her address. Which I looked up...

    No farm website so I go to and look up houses in the area... WHOOOOAAAAAAA! One down the street listed at $1.4M, another one at $949K and another for $749K... Each on 15-20 acres. WTF???

    It's so nice knowing she places so little value on her own safety, in wanting a cheap bridle for a 'training project'. Either that or she a) hasn't gotten her allowance or b) went a bit way over their budget on the house payment to impress others.

    I haven't responded to her yet.

  4. CNJ---I've discovered that those with money are the biggest "cheapskates" EVER! That's how they got rich and stay rich (evidently) is by being obnoxiously cheap.

    We negotiated a deal for 7 acres across the street from us and got the phone number of the land owner from a neighbor. After we worked on the property to get it useable for horses. The neighbor (that only got us the phone number of the owner) wanted to push us out and sub-lease the property to raise money for their daughter's 4-H (good cause, but still pushy and rude).

    We immediately called the land owner and made sure we had a pasture lease (in writing) for a year (paid him $12, which is $1/month).

    Fortunately, the land owner was on our side! It is non-irrigated dry ground, but still useful for extra feed during the Spring and turnout.

  5. Drillrider- In reality, there is one property in their coveted little neighborhood that is a foreclosure- bank repo, lender owned, however you'd like to word it... for the huge, whopping price of $176K. This one is vacant and ready to move into. 4bd / 3 ba, 2660 sq ft, oh the possibilities... There are also a few others 'available' that are still in the foreclosure process. Not sure what they may have paid for theirs, but still granting them the benefit of the doubt in some ways.

    Adding to my funky mood lately, I would sooo like to just go off on people sometimes. But I am the better person through all of this. Really, I am. What? Don't you believe me? lol :D

  6. What I don't understand is IF it needs to be gone and you can't sell it....why not contact your local humane society or creditable horse rescue and offer it to them? It's a tax deduction for you and the trailer will get used (or sold to raise money for the orginization). Why insist that if it doesn't sell in X amount of time it's going to the dump? I know it's a "scare tactic" to try to get it to sell but it's plain out ridiculous.