Friday, June 11, 2010

The 1979 Sundowner

Sundowner Bumper Pull 2 Horse Trailer only 12 made $11,000 (MO)
This trailer is one of twelve made. It was made in 1979. It was a prototype for Sundowner. The prototype name is Mirage. This trailer is a must see to appreciate.

Here are some of the main features:
Trailer is in good condition
It is dual axle
It is Graphite and Kevlar composite
Has Grease Sert in axle
All rubber inside
Removable chest bar for use of other items besides horses
Bumper pull with long tongue to pull behind motorhome
Slide open windows
Door on each side for access
And ONE of TWELVE made
Has spare tire
Aluminum frame and floor
Electric brakes that work
Inside and outside lights all work
has shorter tongue to trade out for longer one
TB 2 5/8 "
7' 6" inside trailer height
padded floor for easier ride on animals
was used to haul show horses


This was on eBay - and did not sell.  It is hard to see spending $11,000 on a 31 yr old trailer in poor shape that kinds looks like a sauna on wheels or something that you would keep by your pool.
Thanks to Katherine


  1. My friend and I were looking at that one, I didn't think to send it in. I can't figure out what they were thinking and why only a few of them were made..were they trying to imitate brenderups? Were they even around then? Odd design though.

  2. There's probably a legitimate reason there were ONLY 12 MADE...

    Any ideas as to why??? ROFL.

  3. I think it's a pretty awesome trailer... probably wanted so much because there were only 12 made... kind of a "collector" thing. However, if I were selling it... I would have at least cleaned it up and shown it as spotless as possible! I really wonder why only 12 were made? Maybe because the late 70's... "heavy metal" was still the thing!? Only solid steel could be safe to tote your animals around in? IDK. I would totally use this with just a few minor changes...As long as it was a solid safe trailer.

  4. Sundowner didn't start making these trailers until 1993 and there were a lot more them 12 built. They built these up until 1997. There is no way that this trailer is a 1979

  5. I bought one of these Kevlar 2 horse Mirage Horse Trailers from Sundowner in 1993-94. Great trailer! Nice handling on the road. Light weight. Haul it with my 2006 Navigator.
    I’m not riding anymore & thinking of selling it.