Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dogs Dogs

Today's blog is one of my favorites!!  Beverly actually purchased the trailer that was posted here on Feb 4.  She has already done quite a bit of work to makeit look good - I look forward to seeing pictures of her progress.  I still want to see the inside!  :-)

This is what she emailed me:


I was looking for information on an old Triggs trailer I bought from Indiana and found your website. How funny! I found the trailer on the Feb 4 blog... It's the one that said "DOGS" all over it. I like weird old trailers anyway, and was looking for a light fiberglass one to put a horse or two in to go to the park, or store my 4 wheelers or some hay. I'm living proof that the saying "there's an ass for every seat" is true. This thing is sooo ugly, it's cool. Kinda like a bad car wreck, you have to look because it's horrible and facinating at the same time!

I have started restoring it and have included a before and after pic of the exterior to show what new tires and wheels, some EZ-Off oven cleaner , and three hours of my time can do to start polishing this turd!

The dressing room does not have any dog cages but I think at some point they had kennel cabs or some similar type of cage in there. Instead of a solid wall, it has a steel expanded metal wall for ventilation, which further reinforced the steel frame inside the fiberglass. The hay rack on the roof is bolted into the steel frame and is actually really solid. You called it right on the pool ladder, but it has no-skid on all the rungs and on the edge of the roof, so it is not hard to go up or down at all. I live in south Florida, so I will never put hay up there, but it will easily hold my John Lyons portable corral panels or other non perishable stuff I don't wanna put in the dressing room.

The trailer is 8' wide and has three slants inside. It also has six roof vents with fans, sliding windows all around, and side vents. All the lights, including the loading lights ,work, and the only repairs it needs are one board in the floor, and new draw pull latches on the horse windows.

This thing is so randomly cool...I think turd trailers need luv too! I will send you more pics when I get it completely finished. Let me know what you think...



  1. Sometimes there are a few diamonds in the rough. I like how it is turning out. I've never heard of using oven cleaner on a trailer before. Someone elaborate for me please?

    Good luck with the trailer Beverly. Looks like things are working out in your favor on this one. Woohoo!

  2. EZ Off Oven Cleaner is a secret from the boat guys. They have used it for years to removed painted hull numbers and names off gel-coated fiberglass for ages. It is for FIBERGLASS only! Don't use on any other material, it WILL destroy it! If you have something you want to take the paint off, just spray it on dry and wait about two minutes; you will see the paint bubble and look slimy. Use a pair of rubber gloves and a scrunge pad and start scrubbing. Get the paint loose, and hose off. It may take two tries to get really thick or old paint off. Always wear gloves, eye protection, and don't breathe the fumes! EZ Off is NASTY acid stuff!

    I have the dividers out to grind and repaint them, and I need two floor boards replaced. Once that's done, we are going to spray the interior. I will keep you posted on the progress. :)