Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fiberglass stock

1986 Trig Gooseneck 6-8 horse fiberglass stock trailer - $7000 (PA)
This 86 Trig gooseneck stock horse trailer will fit up to 8 semi large QHs or 7 really large horses. It has a steel frame with a fiberglass shell which does not rust. We recently put new mats on the floor and plywood and mats on the wall and 4 brand new tires. Inspected through April 2010. Floor boards, brakes and electric in great shape and it’s ready to use. No work needed for use. We pull this with 8 horses with our Ford F350 diesel without any problems. Has two dividers in the front half for dividing horses. Very wide. Our big horses can stand sideways in it. Approximately 24 feet long. Asking $7,000 FIRM. We have more than $7000 in this trailer and it’s very much worth every penny. This is a trusty trailer. We were hired to haul 6 horses home from Michigan and this trailer hauled a stallion and several mares home with no problem. Pictures on website


This fiberglass trailer does not look very sturdy


  1. Oh goody! Another Triggs! I'm NOT buying that one :) In defense of Triggs, they are not flimsy, but I sure wouldn't put a dedicated wall kicker in one! The walls feel like the side of a speed boat; they are pretty thick. I've seen the back doors and sides of steel and aluminum trailers kicked to shit, and I don't think fiberglass would fare any better...

  2. I have to agree Beverly. Steel and aluminum trailers each have their good and bad points. This one does too, but I'm thinking the new mats on the wall would with stand a lot of the kicking if a horse got it in their head to go at it.

    I'm not a fan of the fender swells inside the trailer though. Give the horses as much room as they need to stay on their feet. And what's with the straps or bars on the left side???

  3. My Triggs has those same interior fender wells. They do that because the trailer is 8' wide. The wells are giant crap shelves. No matter how a horse is in there, they will poop on the top of the well before they will put one on the floor. I can't figure out the straps unless the well was separating from the body and they are trying to shore it up instead of reglassing it.
    They are definitely odd trailers...