Friday, June 25, 2010

It's Sturdy and Red with Lots of Tread

2 horse trailer - $500 (CO)
We can possibly deliver too if we are too far out! We are helping an older lady clear out her yard!

This great little 2 horse trailer is very sturdy and red. it has great tires with lots of tread. It's back door has been altered to side open because she couldn't lift the ramp, it could be switched back easily by you!
It does not have a title at this time, we can give you a bill of sale and you can easily get a homemade trailer title to get it plated!
This trailer doesn't look like much but is nice and sturdy, has hauled wood, horses, cows, ets. It is well-made and reliable.
it does not have a jack in front, we currently use a car jack and a big wooden block, one could be welded on easily though.


Some poetry here? 

$500?  I think not...........

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  1. Atleast they are helping someone clean out the yard, but maybe use the trailer to do so, haul it all to the dump and just unhitch? Keep the tires of course. Don't need to be wasting the good tread.