Monday, June 21, 2010

Red white and black

2 Horse Bumber Pull Trailer - $1500 (AZ)
1981 2 Horse bumper pull. 5 new tires, padded interior, saddle rack, clear title.


Another 'bumber' pull!!  LOL 
The brackets on the side look like an accident waiting to happen..........


  1. Where do you keep finding all these Triggs? I'm beginning to think they used to corner the weird trailer market! I was getting ready to post to HTW and ask the gurus if they know any history on the company. I'd love to find out more about my mutt-ly Dogs Dogs Triggs, which is now named the Dog Sled. My giant 12,000 pound Sundowner 4h LQ got named the Mega Sled a few months ago, so you see where we're going with the "pet" names...

    This little Triggs isn't too bad but the panel racks look like stitches for horse and human waiting to happen!

  2. I find most of them on Craigslist. :-) And, of course, from my great followers!!

  3. The number of hinges and latches is mesmerizing...

  4. I've seen loads of those panel racks on trailers - but hardly any of them with panels on them. What's the deal? It would be my luck, if I had them, to tie the horse on that side like an idiot. Smart person would tie on the other side.

    Don't they make those things fold up?

    Otherwise, cute trailer - with a color scheme I'm working towards - LOL!