Monday, August 23, 2010


Horse Trailer- make offer - $1090 (CA)
Horse Trailer:

Dual Axle
5,000 lbs
call Bobby xxx-xxx-xxxx


What a color!!!


  1. Pretty expensive for a beater....BUT I'm trying to figure out how they parked it there UNLESS:

    A: they built the fence after parking it
    B: the fence is/has a gate but it's hard to see in the pic (would be my guess)
    C: they backed it into the parking spot using a small tractor
    D: 4 to 6 men hauled it there by hand

    When/if it sells, how are the new owners going to get it outta there?

  2. I can think of two university towns where that color combo might sell readily and neither one of them is in California :):)