Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bad Karma

1995 Sundowner Horse Trailer Repariable - $975 (MN)
We purchased the trailer as is, in hopes of modifying for use but just have never gotten to it. It is a steel trailer, 2 horse, damage shown in photos. Fender to fender is 96"; 8' wide and 7' high. Inside width is 70"; 11' feet; 15' including the tongue. Towable now.


To me, the wrecked ones have bad karma.


  1. 7' high? Really?

    Because with NO ROOF, how do you know where to stop measuring?

    I just hope it was empty when it was damaged like that and what in the hell did they HIT?

  2. I can hear the conversation now:

    Ma: I just love traveling these back roads to the horse show. Oh look, there's a low bridge ahead with only 8' clearance.

    Pa: No problem, the trailer is only 7' tall (forgetting that the tires add a few inches)

    [Sound of shearing crunching metal]

    Ma & Pa: OH @#!$%^&*(%%%$$$ !!!!

    We had a low railroad bridge near us that was marked all over - even had a turnaround for semis that got too close and realized they couldn't go through. Never failed - at least once a year, someone would run their semi through the bridge and make a nice big accordion out of the roof!