Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let's Cut Corners

4 Horse Aluminum Trailer - $4250
Streight load four hores trailer with triple axle and air ride suspension. Tires are good plus 2 new spairs. It has a swing center divider plus horse dividers that are all removable for other uses. The frame is steel and all the sides and top are made out of 1/8 in dimond deck alunimum. There are many storage compartments and front slide out saddle storage. This trailer is 8.5 ft wide and17.5 ft long and was built to haul horses to Alaska Call LaMont @xxx-xxx-xxxx


This is REALLY strange...and is a 'streight hores' trailer with 'spairs' and 'dimond' deck??

Today's blogger is Helen - thanks!


  1. It looks like a space trailer. I'd buy it if I was hauling horses to the MOON!!

  2. Aerodynamic? Yes. Comfortable for the horses? Not likely.

    There is a Dimond Avenue in Anchorage. It was named after someone significant there. At least that is why the street name is spelled that way.

  3. Haul horses to Alaska? Maybe smuggle them through Canada is more like it. Can't tell it's a horse trailer. Looks like something you'd haul motorcycles or a racecar in. It's hard to see, but it doesn't look like there is much ventilation. At least it's clean....

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