Friday, October 22, 2010

Topless in Arizona

Older Hale 2 Horse Trailer...For Tall Horses...Dual Axel...Step-up type...Newer Floor..."Escape" Door...Saddle Compartment...Needs one of those bolt on hitches(see pic, they are around $25.00)...$575.00 or best offer...Reply here or call xxx-xxx-xxxx... If no answer, please leave a message. All calls will be returned....NO TRADES


As short as that trailer is, I doubt it is made for tall horses.  A tall horse would have his head well over the front 'roof'.  The hitch area looks like a really scary welded on piece of metal that would probably fall off on the first trip.


  1. And Captain Obvious said: "This trailer does need sheet metal work"

  2. I am pretty sure I owned that trailer, hauled a horse from Southern CA to Las Vegas in it. Once we got to Las Vegas, the roof was cut the roof off it to load hay cubes with a tractor. Sold it and it showed up on Craigslist, wow it made it to arizona .... Funny