Thursday, October 14, 2010

All that for only $100?

Horse Boarding - $100 (VA)

Horse boarding available on 100 plus acre farm with plenty of ride out and on the farm, trails, large fields, flat land, and hills for exercising and adventure. Large pond (fenced off for horses safety), new non barb wire fencing, automatic waterers, newly updated barn, seperate storage area for all hay, large round pen, large pastures with small turn out groups, access to shelter, no additional cost to hold for vet/farrier/blanketing/etc. Owners always welcome to ride and or visit their horses. Quiet laid back facility run to the top quality of excellence a farm can have. Trainer/Manager on location. Many references available. $100 per month includes daily grooming, checks through out the day, twice daily feeding, and hay. Vet and farrier costs responsibility of owner. Excellent quality pastures, hay, grain, and care.


As the average board near this location is around $350/month  - with no grooming - this seems too good to be true.  Even pasture board (with NO feed or attention at all) is around $150/month.  I spend around $110 per month  for hay and grain for each of my horses.  How on earth do they expect to make any money????  For those rates, I should move my horses!!!