Thursday, October 7, 2010

I fell through the floor!!!

Older Horse Trailer - $200 (MT)
Approx. 1969' HALE
Two horse, bumper pull, step up straight load. This trailer has a tack compartment, escape door and half open rear end. It does have a divider but it is not removable. Very sturdy, walls tongue and metal are all in good condition. Just needs mateniance done. All the lights work last time I checked. (spring 08')
The TLC.......
The floor will need replaced. ( I am 130 and fell through it). The tires will need replaced as well. The jack doesn't like to go up. I have hooked it up and pulled it, and it pulls great. I have only moved this trailer once, and it was empty.
Asking $200
Let me know if you have any questions and would like to view it.
Thank you!!


Seems to me she should have removed the floor to prevent anyone else from falling through and getting hurt...


And in a totally different section, I found this:

1979 Champion

Two horse, bumper pull, step up straight load. Has an escape door and the divider is removable. This trailer has a tack compartment and full (four section) doors. I purchased this trailer in spring of 08' from Idaho. I used to haul my 15.1 QH and it pulled great. I only used this trailer for a few months and it has sat for over a year now. The floor is sturdy and in great shape, the bearings were packed when I bought it. I was in the middle of upgrading this trailer when I moved. On the bottom of the doors is a 5" strip is cut off. ( It was rusting away) I have replaced one door section but not the other(as you can see in the picture). The interior side walls are plywood. My plan was to attach rubber sheets to the plywood so the interior would be rubber. All the lights work and the tires are decent. I have taken most of the original wood out and primed underneath. The tack compartment has also been primed and comes with new carpet that just needs cutting to fit.
Asking $500


These two ads probably should have been combined.  :-)


  1. Well at least they are honest, I'll give them that!

  2. I really like the red horse trailer that you asked $200 for it. I just need to know where you are located at. So if you are close I could go out an look at it. Thank you