Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pictures tell it all

1 HORSE TRAILER ugly,homemade - $350 (AR)
Pictures tell it all, It pulls good, its solid, somebody spent a great deal of time building this. Paint would help it a lot, It needs a new home call xxx-xxx-xxxx I dont answer emails


Pictures do tell it all!!  LOL

Thanks to JE Anderson


  1. The pictures say "piece of CRAP" loud and clear!

  2. Oh My!

    The last photo it looks like the poor thing got T-boned.
    Picture may tell it all, but do you really like what they are saying?

    I will however consider the truck in the background of the first pic and the gooseneck in the background of the second. That could be a reasonable set up.

  3. The third picture kind of looks like Mr. Snuffleupugus...

  4. I actually saw someone hauling a horse in a trailer that looked just like this BUT, are you ready for this? The one I saw had an open top. I was afraid the darn thing would fall apart right in the road.