Friday, May 7, 2010

I like a little gravy on my "RICE"!!

1 "horse" trailer (NC)
can be used for goats, pigs, smaller cows & horses. $200 obo


WOW!!! Nice ramp...


Project 2 Horse Trailer - $600 (NC)
I bought this trailer as a project and then had some unexpected things come up and don't have the money to fix it. The trailer has a brand new floor for the horse made out of Pressure Treated 2x6 and brand new lights. It needs the front wall rebuilt and in the near future the front floor rebuilt. Also needs 4 tires. It pulls great! Unfortunatly I can't finish it, with a new front and some paint it would be a great trailer! I thought about just turning it into a flatbed trailer which wouldn't be a bad idea. I am asking $600 obo! Feel free to email me if you need any more information on it.


More projects...........


1977 Rice Model 2 Horse Trailer - Good Floor - Good Tires - New Paint Job - 7' Tall 6' Wide - Front & BAck Load Ramps - Fiberglass Top - Excellent Light Weight Trailer for Small Pick up.

Some Trades Are Considered. Tim home xxx-xxx-xxxx cell xxx-xxx-xxxx (NC)
Don't see many of these around. If I had a spare dime or three I would buy this one!!!

I like a little gravy on my "RICE"!!

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  1. The last one is not bad, I like the ramp on both ends, except I notice there are no windows or anything, so once you close the doors, the horses might not like it.

  2. The last one is kind of different... but not in a bad way. I imagine you could leave the upper door open for better air flow if only hauling one and it was loaded on the right hand side.

    That first piece meal creation is just scary! I would be afraid to haul anything in it. Even Junk!

  3. I'm interested in the first one. / 703-581-8217

  4. How do I get in contact with the owner of the single animal moving trailer?