Thursday, May 27, 2010

1957 Antique Miley

Miley 2 Horse Bumper Pull Trailer - $800 (CA)
I am offering my older 1957 2 Horse Miley Bumper Pull trailer for sale. For an older trailer it's in great condition. The tires are in great condition with about 80% + tread left on them. It has a swivel partitian bar that can be moved side to side or even removed if needed. The flooring is in great condition, when I purchased this trailer 3 years ago they had just replaced the wood boards and the rubber matting and I have used this trailer less than 10x in the past 3 years. There is also a low step up making it easy for horses to load. This trailer also has an escape door and 2 small side windows to have easy access to snap the horses in. The electrical all works, it has a 4 prong adapter. There are permanent tags on this trailer. This trailer has hauled horses as big as 15.3hh and could possibly fit larger horses considering that they trailer well. The dimensions of the trailer are 6' tall, 6.5' long inside, 4.5-5' wide. This trailer is light enough to be hauled by a V6 SUV or Truck no problem. This is a single axle trailer and is such an easy haul. There is a tack storage compartment located below the feeders in the front of the trailer, where a fairly new spare tire is kept.

I am asking $800 cash firm. I have the pink slip in hand and the trailer is clean and ready to go. Email if interested in coming down to see it. Thank You for viewing this ad


I have noticed that older horse trailers are VERY small.  But the cars at the time were HUGE!


  1. How many times in this trailer's life do you think it was named "Moby"?

  2. Do you have the link to this add? I'd actually like to look at this one, haha.