Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dog Days continue

Used 1979 Gore Two Horse Steel Trailer w/Fiberglass Top completely restored. 6'6" tall 5' wide, w/8 dog box, 5' dressing room, new tires and rims, completely rewired w/break away kit. $4,900


In honor of Dog week - Retento found this really nice speciman.  Even though it is the oldest of the bunch, it is the nicest. 

Thanks Retento!


I received this email from De Ann regarding the horse/dog trailers:

these trailers are for field trial events.....
the bird dogs in the dog boxes, the horses in the trailer..... there are competitions all over the US

Apparently this sport is pretty popular!


  1. I boarded with people who had Tennessee Walkers and did field trials. What I didn't like is they hardly EVER paid any attention to their horses until it was time for field trials!

    I'm sure not all people that participate in field trials do that, but these people did.

  2. That is a nice enough trailer, and for being the oldest, yes it is the nicest so far.

  3. CNJ---ditto--is very nice trailer!

  4. I didn't believe the age, and scrolled up to look at it again. They seemed to have done a NICE job restoring it.

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