Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sad little filly

2 year old bay filly - $50 (KS)
There is a bay filly in my barn that needs to go to a home that will love her. My son inadvertently bid on her at the auction. She is thin and I think has a dropped hip. Horse folks say that can be rehab'd in six weeks. She has her coggins paperwork, have no idea about shots or worming. We wormed her on 12-7-09. Doesn't seem like she has been handled much, but she loaded into the trailer, wasn't sure about coming back out. She seems fairly calm for a horse that has just been run through the auction lot. Currently she is around 14 hands, long legs and may get a bit taller, has a long white blaze on her face. She should turn into a pretty mare. I am asking $50 to cover what the auctioneer stuck us with and the gas money to haul her home. I don't want to have to haul her to the auction on Saturday, but I really have no use for her. She is getting plenty of good hay and grain plus a little weight builder. You can have the weight builder with the filly, we won't have a use for it when she's gone. I took photo's this morning 12-8-09, but remember it is dark when I go to work, and dark when I come home. Pictures are about as good as they get. First photo shows her right hip, slightly lower. Second image she is standing downhill.


Good grief!!!  If anyone is interested, she is posted on the Lawrence, Kansas craigslist.

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