Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Homemade AND a 4 Star!!

2006 4 Star horse trailer (CA)
Model - homemade
nice 2 horse streight load great for any horse. does not have area for tack or a feeder has clips for hay bag. selling only because my mare is to big to fit in. she is 17 hands and has like maby 2 inches of room over her back. and i need a bigger one for her. it has a bar in the middle that does not move. email with any questions any offers concidered needs paint job. these are old pix 800 obo


Somehow I just don't believe that it is A) a 2006 model  B) a 4 Star C) nice.  If it is 'great for any horse'  then why are you selling it because it is too small for your horse??
And take a look at the junk in it!  What's up with the bullet holes?  4 in the front - does that make it a 4 Star - or a 4 Shot??  Nice flat tire too.


And what do we have here?  Another ad from the same person - and they appear to be the same type of trailer.  This one looks like someone went crazy with a rivet gun.  Your horse can rip up his face on the backs of the rivets in the manger while he is eating.  Great.

2006 4 Star Model: used $1,000 Nice
I have 2 streight load horse trailers that i am willing to trade for one 3 or 4 horse trailer. when i go to the mountians im having to use both trailers just to go somewhere. so i really need a bigger one

Are they going to fill up the next bigger trailer with junk too??

You might be thinking I am a little harsh on this person, but it is because of this (note the trailer/car in the background - look familiar?):

I really do not like people who just dump their horses for such stupid, selfish, superficial reasons.


  1. Have you seen this one? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUvmv4e6rw4&feature=channel I believe these are the same people. O my goodness! Have these people ever heard of a helmet? This is def. a family FULL of idiots.

  2. Yikes!! I looked at several of the videos by 'gatchababe'. That whole family is in desperate need of riding lessons.
    A person like that does not deserve to have such saintly horses!! The only positive thing I can say is that it appears she is feeding them, but who knows what they look like in the winter???