Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's wrecked so you can't carry all 4

4 horse straight load Trailer - $600 (CA)

Older 4 horse trailer. Straight load bumper pull. Good for horses, goats and Sheep. CA Perm Tags, (Lost paper work) Good tires. It has some damage on right Side and right roof See photo. Old owner hit side of mountain with 4 horses in it. but still can pull 3 horses or as many goats and sheep as you like As is. Need to sell ASAP 600obo
Also have many horses for sale starting at 500 and up. Lack of work Forces sale.

Alrighty then..........  Not to be ugly, but if you are not working, why aren't you trying to knock that dent back out so 4 horses can fit???


  1. Sheesh. Not only knocking the dent out, but cleaning it up, a coat of Krylon and rewiring goes a long way towards improving the appearance and selling it faster.

  2. CNJ - you're right - if they need money, it would only take a little effort to fix it up to get MORE money for what they are selling. Most people hate projects - me included.