Tuesday, December 29, 2009


bumper pull horse trailer - $1450 (OK)
we just bought this trailer, then the next day got a bill in the mail,,so my husband said to sell (have to pay bills before anything else)

This is an older Stidham horse trailer, has 4 new tires and a spare (not new but does hold air) has a bulldog hitch and all the lights do work. seems to be easy to pull,,come check it out,,cash only sorry no checks, paypal or etc.
will take the best offer
Was this bill a surprise or do you not keep track of what you buy?


  1. Any bets on what they paid for it? I would go one further and say the "SOLD" ad is still posted somewhere...

  2. Good idea, Cut-N-Jump!

    Uh, in their defense, I've had medical bills that I thought I'd paid everything, then some other part of the facility has a fresh charge. MD fee separate from ER fee separate from lab/CT fee, then another bill where they sent the CT to be read... then... Plus the original $100 you spent just to walk through the door and give them your name. Of course, this is WITH insurance, heaven help you if you didn't have it. The different bills sure didn't come in a timely fashion. ;~)

    Or, they may not be good at remembering when taxes are due, although that isn't a good excuse. Maybe their little area just got incorporated and they have a city tax bill?? ;~)