Thursday, September 2, 2010

Try your luck - I did

older horse trailer - $500 (OR)
travels along fine--but needs TLC--
-ok for ahwile--but the flooring will need replacement at some point--the edges are getting worn out-
the insides of the back doors are worn--
I suspect the wiring is shot--so to be honest--ive only hauled in the day time!! my truck doesnt have the plug anyway--
Im sure the paint willl ned to be redone--I can see bubblling underneath--
unsure of tire age--
unsure of last wheel bearing packing
but again--I used it a dew weeks ago--very easy to pull--
license current


They only want $500 for this wonderful trailer.  And to think that this thing is on the road at the same time as people who actually want to live!

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